Back in the day (you know the long long ago past of 2016) large tech companies allowed for algorithmic discovery of dissident material. Ever since they have been closing this valve for us dissidents to reach each other and new interested people.

We want to reverse this process by creating one place where there can be free cross-pollination like there used to be on Youtube. Nearly all content that is throttled or banned by Google and the likes is welcome. Are you a covid-skeptic, ethno-nationalist, neo-reactionary, MGTOW or radical deep green environmentalist? You are welcome here. Hopefully we can create a platform where people can debate, we can find middle ground, and enact on real solutions.

For content consumers

Over the course of time we hope to bring most if not all people you currently listen to or read to this hub. That way you don’t have to scavenge around on: Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, a number of small blogs and a variety of podcast feeds to find your material. Instead we hope to become a one-stop shop with the added benefit of enabling you to discover new and interesting writers, podcasters or video producers.

For content producers

If you produce a podcast, write articles or upload video’s to a platform like: Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee or Youtube we can enable you to embed this content on this distribution platform. The back-end is setup such that reposting/embedding your content should take minimal effort. In almost all cases the only thing you need to do is login on the account we provide, copy-paste a snippet of html add a title, description, category and some tags and you are done. If you produce a mixture of material you can now easily concentrate it in one location, and if you ever have to move platforms you will hopefully lose less of your audience in the process as they can always find you here.

If the advantages of linking/reposting to this hub interest you please contact us through our contact page and we will get back to you.

For Real Life Groups and Organizations

If you are managing a group of dissidents localized to the European subcontinent and want to advertise for members on this hub please contact us through the contact page. We can link to the website or social media page of your group through our header menu.