Interregnum #64 – The State of the Right – dr. Kevin Barrett

Dr. Alexander Wolfheze interviews dr. Kevin Barrett who converted to Islam after investigating the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11 and meeting the Traditionalist point of view of Renë Guënon and others.


Listen to “‘The Serpent Symbol in Tradition’ with Charles William Dailey” on Spreaker.



For an artistic impression of – and inspiration by – the Islamic Orient from the height of European civilization: Camille Saint-Saens’ ‘Suite algérienne’ Op.60 (1880).

Barrett’s relentless truth-digging at Unz Review:
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Alexander Wolfheze’s futurist-revolutionary take on the ‘IQ’ (=Islamic Question) Ch. 1 and Appendix C: Wolfheze, ‘Rupes Nigra’ (Arktos: London, 2019) ;
Alexander Wolfheze’s freely available article on the same: ‘A Note on the Islamic Question’, 8 July 2019 ;

For those interested in a Traditionalist take on Modern Cultural History and/or Post-modern Meta-Politics: the interviewer in this episode of Interregnum, has published several books relevant to both topics: The Sunset of Tradition (Cambridge Scholars, 2018), Traditionalist History: The Former Earth (Cambridge Scholars, 2021), Alba Rosa (Arktos: London, 2019).

Explanation of important terms:

‘Katechon’, cf. Youssef Hindi, ‘Eschatological War’, 20 August 2022 ; * ‘Gharbzadegi’ = ‘Westoxification’. Definition at : ‘Term coined by the Iranian secular intellectual Jalal al-e Ahmad to describe the fascination with and dependence upon the West to the detriment of traditional, historical, and cultural ties to Islam and Islamic world. Defined as an indiscriminate borrowing from and imitation of the West, joining the twin dangers of cultural imperialism and political domination. Implies a sense of intoxication or infatuation that impairs rational judgment and confers an inability to see the dangers presented by the toxic substance, that is, the West. The West’s inherent dangers are described as moral laxity, social injustice, secularism, devaluation of religion, and obsession with money, all of which are fueled by capitalism; the common result is cultural alienation. The term was adopted by Ali Shariati, ideologue of the Iranian revolution, to describe the results of Iran’s modernization program.’