Interregnum #58 – ‘The serpent symbol in Tradition’ with Charles William Dailey

Charles William Dailey joins Alexander Wolfheze to talk about his book, The Serpent Symbol in Tradition, recently published by Arktos.

Listen to “‘The Serpent Symbol in Tradition’ with Charles William Dailey” on Spreaker.

more(1) The quotation at 33:30 is taken from the famous scene in Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1987 film The Last Emperor, in which the child Pu-yi is named to succeed as Emperor by the Empress Dowager Tzu-hshi.

(2) For those interested in a Traditionalist take on Modern Cultural History and/or Post-modern Meta-Politics: the interviewer in this episode of Interregnum, has published several books relevant to both topics: The Sunset of Tradition (Cambridge Scholars, 2018), Traditionalist History: The Former Earth (Cambridge Scholars, 2021), Alba Rosa (Arktos: London, 2019).

(3) To add some artistic fire to this philosophical talk: an appropriate theme song to this Interregnum edition, which touches upon the primordial creativity of all authentic Tradition, would be ‘Pfhat A flash… and the sky opened!’ by Giacinto Scelsi (1974). It is a ‘half-coded’ reference to the Ancient Egypt Creator God Ptah.

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